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Naples, FL Consignment Shops Hook You up for Furnishing Vacation Home

Some people may have the resources to afford a second house to be used as a vacation property. Even then, it may be well-maintained but bare inside, in which case you might as well dress it up even a bit to make it more homey. Just because it’s not often used, after all, doesn’t mean it should be neglected. Fortunately, such homeowners would be glad to know that furnishing a vacation home can be done without having to spend so much.

When a vacation property you acquired is a blank canvas waiting to be “painted” with fun furniture options, consignment shops in the Naples, FL area, like The Find Consignment can have what you need. These shops can, after all, be a good and reliable alternative to brand new furniture and accessory stores that can put a strain in your wallet.


Naples Consignment Shops Have the Furniture You Need in Redecorating

Spring is traditionally the time when people freshen up their homes, and to many this means doing some redecorating. If you think it is time to give your Naples home a whole new look, consider changing some of the furniture or adding new ones. Buying quality furniture that will surely transform your home into a fresh new place doesn’t have to cost too much if you know where to look.

Consigment shops in Naples, FL, for example, offer high-quality furniture at prices that are much more affordable than you would have imagined. If you’re looking for interior design inspirations, consider the trends that have made an impact in the recent Architectural Digest Home Design Show in New York, as well as tips from real estate and interior design experts in Southwest Florida who were interviewed for Grandeur Magazine a few weeks ago.

Naples, FL Consignment Furniture Shops Pros and Cons for the Buyers

With the spring cleaning season arriving, the Naples Daily News listed some items that people might be able to sell in consignment shops. Instead of outright throwing away things or giving them away, they should check whether there could be something in their stash that they could turn into money instead.
Different sorts of items may be surprisingly valuable as long as they are rare, in good or excellent condition, and appealing to the 40s or 50s age group—the primary collectors today. Old figurines, books, electronics, and classic game consoles are just a few examples of items that may net a good value.

Consignment Shops Around Naples, FL Help You Save Cash on Furniture

Consignment shops and thrift stores present a good option for shoppers. In Florida Today, “Retail Commando” Doris Golindano, tells of her story on how she first discovered the practicality of consignment shops and thrift stores.
It was during a business trip when her boss introduced her to shopping in a thrift shop over 15 years ago. Doris was amazed that her boss, being a woman of good financial status, would shop in such places. Her boss told her that children grew fast so it was not very practical to spend much on clothes that they outgrow within a few weeks. From then on, Doris has been shopping in yard sales, thrift stores, and consignment shops, becoming one of the many shopping converts out there. In these alternative shops, she is able to get items for lower prices, thereby saving money.

Buying Furniture from Naples Consignment Shops: Quality on a Budget

It’s safe to say that almost everyone prefers not to spend too much on something, including items for the home. Furniture is normally expensive, and while people would go out of their way to spend a little more for it, they still look for good bargains every time. This is true even for those who are looking for high-end furniture brands, but have to watch their budgets.

An article in Forbes gives this tip: “Most shops at some point each year (or season) sell the floor models that have been on display in the store — for a steeply discounted price.” In addition to this, locals should check out consignment shops in Naples, FL that sell furniture at a discount.

Naples Consignment Shops: The Advantages of Reproduction Furniture

If you’ve been dreaming of having genuine antique furniture in your showroom but are having difficulty finding them, you may be interested in selling reproduction designer furniture. Reproduction furniture sold by popular consignment shops in Naples, FL can look transitional, traditional, West Indies – tommy style—and appear so much like the real antiques of old that not so many people can tell the difference.

The reproduction advantage

One of the best things about reproduction furniture is that your clients don’t have to deal with the hefty price tag that accompanies genuine antiques, so you’ll be able to sell more, and often. It’s worth noting that some reproduction furniture products from manufacturers like Henredon and Drexel Heritage have been carefully designed to go well with modern devices such as DVD players and LED screens, allowing homeowners to successfully marry the old and the new with their interior design.